world of mtb 06/2017: No Pogo Carbon 3000.27testbadge

world of mtb 06/2017: No Pogo Carbon 3000.27


German magazine „world of mtb“ took nine „High End Trailbikes“ out for testing in their 06/2017 issue. It was a review of the best of the best within a travel range from 115 to 150 mm. Our No Pogo Carbon 3000.27 hit all the right notes.

The editors found the seating position to be „upright and comfortable”, its handling “agile and nimble”. Furthermore: “The Rock Shox chassis is very comfortable and responds quickly to small bumps. When it gets rough, the suspension works well in mid travel. Riders spoilt by comfort will like this tuning very much.”

The testers‘ final verdict: “Fast as lightning the Centurion No Pogo Carbon 3000.27 descends through winding trails. Its chassis shows to be cushy and comfortable. The choice of gearing lets us conquer every climb. Its handling is entirely satisfactory.”