Test Result VERY GOOD for Trailbanger 2000.27 in BIKE 01/2018testbadge

Test Result VERY GOOD for Trailbanger 2000.27 in BIKE 01/2018


German BIKE magazine took our Trailbanger 2000.27 on a comprehensive Enduro test. We are very happy that the editors came back with a solid VERY GOOD verdict for our super enduro. Read here the full text from the review:

„The new Trailbanger has received a thorough fine-tuning to adapt it to current enduro-needs. A flat 65,4° steering angle combined with a very low bottom bracket as well as a longer reach, position the bike decidedly in the race-enduro field. To avoid hitting the ground with the pedals, CENTURION furthermore installs cranks which are 5 mm shorter than the competition’s. With 15 kg (without pedals) and abundant 170 mm of travel, the Trailbanger is a true “big rig” which will also happily hang from a chairlift or shuttle-hook. Especially the heavy wheels and lowerable fork add weight. Pointing it downhill, the CENTURION holds the promises made by the key figures. It offers confidence, no matter if the terrain is steep, fast or technical. Also the tires and powerful Shimano Zee brakes with big rotors fit the rather downhill-oriented bill. During uphills, the sensitive rear suspension stays remarkably stable. The heavy wheelset limits the agility. Despite short chain stays little playfulness. In conclusion: downhill-oriented enduro with powerful suspension and stable geometry which performs strong also at the bikepark.