Out of the everyday routine and onto your bike

It's no mystery how amazing riding a bike can be. And the adventure factor increases exponentially when the surrounding landscape is equally spectacular. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, expansive valleys, new experiences: you get it all in unique ways with CENTURION's tourism partners.

Cycling Adventures

Customised MTB or road training and experience

Who hasn't dreamt of an unforgettable holiday on the bike? CENTURION's partners in the cycle tourism business are specialists in fulfilling your dreams. Mallorca, Costa Daurada or the Alps – cycling holidays on your own bike or on a rental (CENTURION, of course), courses in riding technique, and special company incentives. Your adventure begins here!


Perfectly prepared for sport and adventure

CENTURION is not the only one who benefits from the strengths of its equipment partners. Whether it’s the clothing on our models at a photo or video shoot, or transportation for people and materials, if you can rely on competent support like this, then everything will work out.


Everything's tasty here

Trade shows, events and races: if we're ever looking to entertain ourselves and our guests with the best, most nutritious food, our partners are on the task. Whether you're on or off the bike, or whether you need a snack, a coffee or an energy gel, everything is tasty here!


Everything for sport – a look at our sponsorships

CENTURION loves and lives for sport! Not just because the company founder, Wolfgang Renner, enjoyed a successful racing career, but also because competitive sports represent an exciting challenge on many different levels. Regardless of whether it's a marathon race, an enduro event, promoting youth riders or club work, CENTURION is wherever the wheels are in motion.


Oli Dorn / Gabi Stanger / Procraft Racing Team / Backdraft Team / Markus Kopp / Steinlach-Wiesaz / Münsingen


CENTURION in the spotlight

There are a couple of celebrities who ride CENTURION bikes without anyone knowing. After all, cycling should also be a private affair. And then there are those recognisable names who don't just spend their leisure time on the bike, but who actively integrate it into their work.