Either you have it or you don't – the new 2017 Style models are here!

Even if it seems strange, since e-bikes have been one of the main drivers of demand in the bicycle market for years now, the consensus is that the battery and the motor should be as inconspicuous as possible and that, in the best-case scenario, an electric bike should look as much like a "normal" bike as possible. It's a task that not only specialist drivetrain suppliers have devoted themselves to, but also our CENTURION engineers and designers – and they've made some remarkable progress for 2017.

Style is the key word that inspired our distinctively attractive 250-watt pedelecs: E-Fire, E-Fire Tour and E-Co. Thanks to the new down tube, the battery is now semi-integrated into the frame but is still fully accessible for charging directly on the bike. The motor mount was also updated and now more stylishly integrates the Bosch units into the overall look and feel of our trekking e-bikes. New drop outs and, in particular, the newly designed mudguard / single-strut pannier rack unit not only looks as if they were cast from one mould, but they also work perfectly.

Naturally, all three models have retained their proven ride characteristics and, from a functional perspective, the E-Co in particular benefited directly from the low step-through update for 2017. By moving the battery from the pannier rack to the down tube, we optimised the centre of gravity of this "easy boarding" pedelec and markedly increased its high speed stability – while keeping sufficient space for easy mounting and dismounting. All of the 2017 models are fully equipped with mudguards, lights, pannier rack and kickstand as standard issue, and the DX deluxe models even feature Bosch's stylish "Nyon" display.


E-Fire Style 510

A family affair

The new Style models of on-road pedelecs – E-Fire, E-Fire Tour and E-Co – also feature refined details with regard to battery and drivetrain integration. In addition to the visually pleasing inclusion of all e-components, innovations for 2017 also feature new drop outs and an improved pannier rack with connections to the mudguards to create a flawlessly clean look.

Subtle details

A visually appealing e-bike is definitely something to behold. But that’s not enough. CENTURION's designers were unswerving in their primary goal: beautiful also needs to work perfectly. The new 2017 Style models for all of the trekking pedelec bikes therefore feature fine technical details such as internal cable routing, highly complex drop outs with the best possible kickstand mounts, or a sophisticated motor mount including a clean solution for the cable connection to directly recharge the bike's battery.