The big plus for e-mountain bikers: 650 B+

Since we expanded the CENTURION portfolio of e-bikes in 2015 to include the elaborately designed full suspension Numinis E, our engineers and designers have of course been very focused on the continued development of more full suspension concepts. As a result, the 2016 Numinis E not only got an update in terms of equipment, but another full suspension bike, the Lhasa E, was also added to the line-up. Its 100/80mm chassis made it a capable all terrain bike – a comfortable and fun touring machine. For 2017, and timed perfectly for the 20th birthday of the still human-powered No Pogo, we now present you with the No Pogo E+, an all mountain full suspension bike with 150/145mm chassis, "B+" wheels and an advancement on the highly detailed VPP (virtual pivot point) chassis already being used in the Numinis E.

The most remarkable feature of the No Pogo E+ is its appearance, which is greatly augmented by the partial integration of componentry. Unlike previous models, the battery is now part of the (new) down tube and the motor is tucked further away in its mount. CENTURION's other e-mountain bikes also benefit from these new features, meaning they were given a modernised look for 2017 as well.

Of course the No Pogo E+ also has a few more "serious" characteristics than just its appearance to make it stand out from the crowd. Its elaborate chassis design combined with the new Boost 148 rear hub and short chain stays guarantee an agile all mountain ride. Chain suck is a thing of the past with this rear end as well. "B+" tyres provide optimal traction for the No Pogo E+ while the remote controlled dropper seat post (standard on all models) gets the saddle out of the way quickly for downhills. Simply put: the new No Pogo E+ rides just like its legendary namesake without a motor, the No Pogo – only maximizing the fun on uphills. Welcome to the future!


No Pogo E 2000.27+

Technology, technology, technology

Even a "normal", purely human-driven full suspension mountain bike requires a great amount of technical refinement, but CENTURION e-bikes go one further on these developments with the "Bosch factor". The new No Pogo E+ for 2017 is full of attention to detail and possesses all of the important technological features, such as the Boost 148 rear hub, thru axles, internal cable routing (incl. the dropper seat post remote control), large disc brakes and more, all packed into a sophisticated chassis that provides e-mountain bikers with nothing but benefits.

Robust yet packed with features

With the newly designed all mountain full suspension No Pogo E+ for 2017, our development department has come up with a concept that is thought through to the absolutely last detail. In addition to the elegantly integrated battery and motor unit, the "B+" full suspension bike shines with its clean cable routing and new detailed features such as the new Bosch "Purion" operating interface.