CENTURION – Bikes since 1976

"Bikes since 1976" – for us these simple words embody over 40 years of success. From day one, CENTURION has seen it as self-evident that a bicycle can only give its owner that unique sense of joy if it is developed, built and sold with that very same joy. For precisely this reason, the people who work here live and breathe cycling even outside of their office or workshop. Whether they are developers, designers, marketers or salespeople, or whether you work in assembly, customer service or management... CENTURION rides bikes!

This philosophy already began with our founder Wolfgang Renner. When his cyclocross bike with thin tyres just simply couldn't cut it for his beloved Karwendel route in 1982, Renner brought out the first German mountain bike to the market: the CENTURION Country. He always tested his team's creations personally from the very beginning, going on spectacular adventures around the world. He even tackled the Himalayas, travelling from Lhasa, Tibet, to Kathmandu, Nepal – a test of toughness that resulted that same year in the now legendary model Lhasa-Kathmandu.

The list of adventures on CENTURION bikes is long, but one of them stands out from the rest: the first crossing of the Alps on mountain bikes in 1989, which Renner completed with Andi Heckmair, thereby laying the foundation for the whole transalp movement that is today part and parcel of mountain biking culture.

What we learned from these trips is still very much a part of CENTURION's ethos: a bicycle needs to effectively support its rider, be technically reliable and stand the test of time. This philosophy can be summarised concisely with "Passion for design, perfection and quality". The characteristics behind that are what make a CENTURION special: it fits, it works and it keeps going. Because our brand is backed by passionate people who know what makes a good bicycle.