Germany is a country of cars with a very low interest in bicycles. The products in the few bike shops are relatively boring, technically unattractive and lack proper quality. But in the Swabian town of Magstadt, Wolfgang Renner – successful trick cyclist, cross and road champion – decides to change everything with his new Nowack Radsport-Vertrieb: Under the brand name CENTURION, he introduces high quality road frames to the German market. Wolfgang Renner also sells top-notch bike components by Suntour, Sugino and Dia-Compe. What a revolution: For the first time there are real alternatives to bike components from France and Italy.


The new trend sport Bicycle Moto Cross (BMX) electrifies young cyclists. The fresh outfits and sturdy small bikes that survive the most spectacular stunts attract more and more fans at astonishing pace. Be it rapid race or normal training: Wolfgang Renner supplies all necessary accessories.

On a voluntary basis, he also lobbies for the construction of BMX parks all over Germany and manages the official acceptance of BMX by the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer (BDR, German Cycling Association).


Mountainbikes (MTBs) are still something for insiders – even in the USA. Nevertheless, the first MTB under the brand name CENTURION is introduced to the market.

Frame geometry, optical characteristics and components are already designed for pure off-road usage.


Two years later CENTURION presents an MTB with 18 gears at IFMA bike show (Cologne, Germany). The Country is considered a real sensation: Unlike its other European competitors, this CENTURION model clearly demonstrates that true off-road performance means in fact sturdiness, reliability – and not just nice design.

First MTB from CENTURION, 1982


CENTURION strikes again: The model Accordo GT – directly derived from the MTB – is considered to be the grandfather of all trekking bikes.

Accordo GT, 1984


Wolfgang Renner explores Tibet as one of the first bike adventurers. He travels on a fully transportable MTB by CENTURION. Back home, this model is introduced to the market as Lhasa-Kathmandu series.


The Nowack KG Radsportartikel changes its name to CENTURION Renner KG. For the first time, CENTURION customers have the option to order their MTBs not only with components by Suntour, but also by Shimano.


CENTURION scores at the renowned European Bicycle Contest – Rank Two for “ground-breaking design innovations”. The award-winning product can easily be converted from an everyday touring bike to an off-road MTB or a high-quality travel bike.


CENTURION presents a complete new generation of triathlon bikes. Thomas Hellriegel wins the Ironman contest on Hawaii (3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling, 42.195 km running) on his CENTURION model Overdrive. His speed record is still valid today.


CENTURION solves the main problem of full suspension bikes by introducing the No Pogo: This is the first bike on the market with a suspension system that does not interfere with the drive train. The results are another First Rank at European Bicycle Contest and an enthusiastic bike press.


The CENTURION trekking bike Cross Comfort wins the First Prize at the next European Bicycle Contest. At the same time, the readers of Bike magazine vote the CENTURION model No Pogo Comp for “Bike of the Year”.

No Pogo Comp, 1997


The Bike readers again vote a CENTURION product – the No Pogo Eurofighter – for “Bike of the Year”. This model completely consists of European components.


The editors of Bike magazine also appreciate CENTURION and create the new top category “Super” for the model No Pogo Comp. Same year, even three CENTURION bikes are voted for top ranks by the readers of Mountain Bike magazine:

The Eurofighter wins as best Fully, Backfire Extreme and No Pogo Comp achieve the Second Rank in their particular categories.


An international cooperation unifies CENTURION and MERIDA, Taiwans second largest bicycle producer. From now on, both companies work hand in hand on technological innovations. First common project is the revolutionary LRS system for full suspension bikes.


LRS turns out to be a real hit: The complete bike press states that the only real innovation at Eurobike 2001 (Friedrichshafen, Germany) was the LRS suspension system by CENTURION for MTBs, cross and city bikes. Soon after, this statement is supported by tests in different bike magazines.


For the editors of Mountain Bike magazine, the CENTURION model Numinis 1000 is the “Surprise of the Year” – because of its LRS suspension system and superior frame construction. After extensive testing, the bike is awarded with the predicate “Outstanding”.


Hydroforming (HFS) allows the production of frame tubes with individual diameters and designs. This does not only stand for sturdiness, but also for pure aesthetics – the typical “organic” CENTURION look. 

The jury of Focus Know-How is also enthusiastic about CENTURION: The LRS model with HFS frame is awarded with the Internationaler Designpreis Baden-Württemberg (International Design Award Baden-Württemberg).

Backfire LRS Hydro, 2005


CENTURION celebrates its 30th company anniversary. Of course we have opened a bottle of champagne together with some good old friends. But most important: In addition to our already comprehensive product range we offer our customers a limited special edition of genuine “30th Anniversary Bikes”. These models may be much sought-after style items after another 30 years!

CENTURION is nominated for the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany) – considered to be the most challenging design contest worldwide!


25 years of MTB in Germany – 25 years of MTB by CENTURION. Not many companies worldwide have observed the unbelievable career of this bicycle type from close range and sustainably influenced the development over such a long period – of course

enough reason for a second anniversary, but no reason for conceit. Instead, we simply do what we do best: Producing great bikes! Watch out for our two brand new special editions!


What a beautiful summer for biking! And the whole planet feels like riding CENTURION bikes – just because of gas getting tight? We export high numbers of bikes to Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, for the first time to Poland and it's foremost the Japanese who cannot get enough of our bikes. At this very moment it looks like as if Taiwan will be the next country to be addicted by CENTURION enthuiasm...


34 years after Wolfgang Renner dealt with the "biking" theme for the first time, the very traditional brand is experiencing one of its most considerable changes in company history: Partly the established LRS damping system is being cut off, furthermore every single model is subject to dramatic changes and even the corporate design is completely revised. All this is indispensable in order to set up the pioneer of biking for future times. So, with its model range for 2011 CENTURION sends out a clear message: the first one to make out where the road heads to, has to be the one to take the lead!